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Casa Valentina... Our Story/ Our Vision... Celebrating the release of our first book! Photos taken by Marco Pagani
Reach Out Event 2015. Celebrating 10 years of Casa Valentina! Pictures taken by Julian Marulanda of Grateful Eyes Photography.
Hands On Miami! Thank you for your volunteer work!

Please enjoy these photos of recent Casa Valentina events. Check this space often for new galleries, showing our residents, and our great partners and volunteers.



Landscaping At The Casa

So many wonderful volunteers gathered together with Communities In Bloom and Costa Farms to make our little spot in the West Grove community a little prettier. 

Click on Image Gallery below to see all the pictures from this great event.

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One of the more exciting highlights from this past summer was the new partnership we formed with the team at Capital One. 

Capital One is bringing their innovative new banking experience known as their Capital One Cafes to South Florida, and they are looking to invest deeply in our community. In addition to offering their portfolio of financial services & products, the cafes will be inviting spaces where visitors can hold a meeting, grab a coffee, or simply connect with others.

We love this approach, and are so grateful they chose Casa Valentina as one of their partners  in Miami to create momentum for positive change. Not only will we be working closely together on delivery of our financial literacy curriculum, but we will be creating a community garden as well!

There are many exciting ventures ahead as we grow together; stay tuned for more!

Capital One Service Day Video

Getting Our Hands Dirty

As you can see from our photos, Hurricane Irma may not have hit us directly, but many of us in the South Florida community certainly felt its effects. Our property suffered a lot of fallen branches, downed trees, and some of our fences were badly battered.

Thanks to Capital One, not only were we able to clear the major obstacles with the help of professional services, but their team of volunteers came out to lend their strength to clearing our property to make it safer for our residents.

After 5 hours in the hot Miami Sun, the team was able to clear over 85% of the lot that had a lot of debris blocking the path to the residences. 

Thank You, Capital One!

This could not have been done without the support and hard work from the entire Capital One team, but especially to our all-stars: (from left to right) Charles, Jessy, Vanessa, Danny, Donald, Caleb & Kathy!


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